Daylight Sensing Battery Box

£62.50 excl. VAT

  • Weatherproof battery box incorporating our unique electronics to extend the battery life. User controlled dawn/dusk switching capability.
  • Takes 8 x size “D” batteries – either single-use or rechargeable.
  • Equipped for optional solar panels.
  • Includes 10 metre cable for connecting to camera.



Product Daylight Sensing Battery Box
Materials Polypropylene
Finish Grey
Electronics Battery Box user configurable to daytime only, night-time only or on always, switching light levels user adjustable, switching power saving facility with mode switch and battery holders for 8 x size “D” batteries (single-use or rechargeable (NiMH)).
Fixing Hanging bracket for 1 nail or screw, 4 concealed screw holes


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