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  • Consumers can help defend land rights | Letters September 25, 2017
    We should use our collective purchasing power to send a clear message to businesses threatening communities across the globe, says Ruth ChambersJohn Vidal shines a light on communities across Africa, Latin America and Asia fighting to protect their land, water and livelihoods (Land defenders call on UN to act against violence by state-funded and corporate […]
  • Why Buddhist ‘fangsheng’ mercy release rituals can be more cruel than kind September 25, 2017
    The case of two London Buddhists fined for releasing crustaceans into the sea has thrown the spotlight on a ritual that involves hundreds of millions of wild animals – and a huge industry built around their capture and supplyIt was intended as a Buddhist act of mercy and compassion, but ended in a criminal conviction […]
    Harriet Sherwood
  • David Attenborough on the scourge of the oceans: 'I remember being told plastic doesn't decay, it's wonderful' September 25, 2017
    His sequel to The Blue Planet will focus not only on the marvels of sea life but also the threats to it. The naturalist explains why plastic pollution, climate change and overpopulation are problems too urgent to be left to ecologistsDavid Attenborough vividly remembers, nearly 80 years on, his first encounter with one of the […]
    Fiona Harvey
  • Minister’s call for cyclists to behave is more headline-grabbing hypocrisy September 25, 2017
    A Highway Code prompt aimed solely at cyclists – not to the road users that caused more than 99% of deaths on UK roads last year – has nothing to do with improving safety On Friday, transport minister Jesse Norman wrote to cycling leaders asking them to remind their members to follow the Highway Code. […]
    Laura Laker
  • The Mail's censure shows which media outlets are biased on climate change | Dana Nuccitelli September 25, 2017
    Right-wing media outlets like Breitbart, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh echoed the Mail’s “significantly misleading” and now censured climate storyBack in February, the conservative UK tabloid Mail on Sunday ran an error-riddled piece by David Rose attacking Noaa climate scientists, who had published data and a paper showing that there was never a global warming […]
    Dana Nuccitelli